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I have been translating for over 20 years. Along with my experience, I offer full commitment to translating Czech, Slovakian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian. My education gained at the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and the knowledge accumulated over years, I translate into reliable, carefully made business, marketing, legal and technical translations from and into Czech, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian. Knowing how valuable is the time of my clients, I set a deadline for priority. In order to ensure the highest quality, texts translated into Polish and foreign languages ​​are subjected to additional control by the proofreader. At the client's request, I also offer text editing. I also work with translators of many other languages. Czech, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian translations are under the control of a native speaker. In my offer there are both written translations (regular and certified), as well as oral translations, performed in Poland and abroad. Many significant institutions, such as the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Senate Chancellery, the Police or the Financial Supervision Authority have benefited from my experience and professionalism. I invite you to join my satisfied customers.

Who am I?

Translator of Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Slovak. In addition, a sworn translator of the Czech language and a sworn translator of the Croatian language entered on the list of the Ministry of Justice, an interpreter of the Czech, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian languages. I have been translating since 1995. I graduated from the Slavic Philology at the University of Zagreb (Croatia).

What else can I offer you?

Due to the growing translation market, as well as to satisfy the needs of existing and new clients, I would like to translate a sworn Czech language, a sworn translator of the Croatian language and a translator of Serbian and Bosnian language together with my co-workers, to offer you comprehensive translation and interpretation services. At the same time, together with my team, I am able to provide you with comprehensive conference services in terms of Czech, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian translations as well as from other languages. In particular, I am referring to the provision of equipment, i.e. booths, receivers, possible publicity and other equipment needed to provide translation services by professional translators, including technical support. Of course, I guarantee a professional team of Czech, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian interpreters and other languages ​​that you will need. At the same time, I believe that you will be satisfied with the high quality of services.

The most important information about translations in the form of questions and answers:

What is the translation?

Translation is a transmission of written content from one language to another (in my case it is about Czech translations, Croatian translations, Serbian translations and Bosnian translations). Knowledge of two languages ​​is not synonymous with being a translator. Translation often requires quite a lot of effort from a person doing such an activity, because the translation is not just rewriting words from one language to another (in my case the Czech language, Croatian language, Serbian language and Bosnian language), content should be given meaning, form and style in the second language. Therefore, the translator must know not only the language, but also the terminology in a given field, the culture and customs of a given country, so that they can properly perform the translation.

Therefore, when choosing a translator, one should be guided not only by the results obtained in philological studies, but also to the extent to which he knows a given culture, customs and experience in translating specialist texts.

How are translations translated?

Written translations are settled widely in Poland, according to the billing pages, that is, by the number of characters with spaces on the page of the translated document. Depending on the translator or office, we can meet with bills for 1500, 1600 or 1800 characters with spaces for ordinary translation. Regarding sworn translation (in my case, sworn translations, Croatian certified translations), here page is page 1125 characters with spaces, this standard results from the regulation of the Minister of Justice on the remuneration of sworn translators.

We are settling each started page of the translation.

What is interpretation?

Interpreting, as well as translation, is the translation of a given content from one language into another language, with the difference that interpreting usually takes place "live" and must take place in principle in real time. Therefore, the work of an interpreter is extremely interesting, very dynamic, and at the same time very demanding. As in the case of written translations, it may seem that it is enough to know languages ​​to become a translator, but nothing more

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