Translations are my work and at the same time my passion. Foreign languages ​​have been present in my life since childhood. I learned Czech language in parallel with the Polish language, and I learned the remaining Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian languages ​​by living, studying and working for several years in the region where these languages ​​are spoken, which allowed me to learn the specificity of each language and capture the significant differences that allow for efficient translation. I graduated from the University of Zagreb (Slavic Philology).

Thanks to many years of stay in the countries I had the opportunity to learn about their culture, habits, everyday life of their citizens, which is also an important element in translating, because the translator does not only translate words, but also has to convey the spirit of speech or text.

Already during my studies I started to do translations to make extra money for my pocket money. After graduating, I decided to become a translator and deal with this activity professionally. Over a dozen years of working on the translation market allowed me to gain experience, improve my work skills, gain contacts, establish cooperation and acquaintances, not only commercial ones. I try to approach every client as someone who needs help first of all and I try to meet his expectations and needs, both in terms of deadlines and rates, so that both sides are satisfied.

Thanks to contacts that I have established with other translators, not only languages ​​in which I provide my services, but also English, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, Russian, Swedish, Danish, German, I am able to help you translate from and to those exchanged and other languages.

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